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A Journey To a Healthier You

Lead an active lifestyle with us. There is so much more to life when we are healthy both physically and mentally. Are you ready to begin?

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1. Guides

Most people fail to live healthy because first, they don't exactly know what to do. Second, they are actually eating the wrong foods. The third reason is, they are doing the wrong type of exercise. The fourth reason is, they do not have a plan for what happens after they manage to shed some weight.

The good news is that you can restore your broken metabolism, you can shed pounds of body fat from stubborn areas and keep it like this forever, you can repair your energy level and eliminate midday crashes, you can take years off of your face and you can do all these without costing a small fortune on weight loss programs or a personal trainer.

Probody helps you to fulfill your fitness goals with our 3 core subjects – Mindset, Nutrition and Fitness in a convenient 3-step subject series to help you build your health.

2. Videos

Get access to our video library. It’s always growing and we’re adding contents constantly. Explore our large collection of exercise videos that teach you how to control your breathing, how to correct your form, what common mistakes you should avoid, and most importantly powerful yoga courses for all stages from beginner to advanced!

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3. Calorie Tracker

Track your daily calorie intake to ensure that you are eating just right depending on the goals you set for our tracker.

Our calorie tracker has the largest database of grocery food on earth, with over 628,866 items from 28,774 grocery brands which cover 92% of grocery items within the United States and Canada. This also includes restaurant foods and common foods, with over 136,367 items from 785 restaurants and 25,929 common foods.

You can also use our tracker to record your workout activities. With over 1000 exercises and activities in our database, you can get real-time reports of the calorie burn of about any activities you may do.

4. Reports

Probody offers you an integrated reporting feature, derived from the data of the tracker. The system includes the data of the food you ate and the workouts you did and then compiles that to give you reports helping you understand where you are and what you can do to improve yourself.

This compiled set of data from your food intake and exercise habits will tell you everything you need to know to go further on your journey to a balanced well-being and health.

5. Community

You can always contact the Probody team for support & information, but you can also post questions and answers regarding your journey towards a healthy lifestyle so far.

Follow users and join groups with like-minded people in our community website, or even set a goal that the entire group can strive to get to together be it workout regimes, calorie loss in a week or sharing healthy recipes that have been working out for you.

You might even be pleasantly surprised at how inspiring your journey might be for the others!

fitness apps
6. Apps

Probody offers various tools to help your fitness journey and more. With these tools, you can

  • Set fitness goals for yourself and work out with our step-by-step instructional videos for whichever body part that you are currently targeting for fitness maintenance.
  • Boost your productivity and form healthy habits by keeping track of the amount of time you are dedicating to your healthy lifestyle.
  • Figure out what has gone wrong. Snap a photo or record a video, and share it with captions of what has gone wrong for quick solutions to your issues.

Get these self-help apps & tools to accompany you on your journey!

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* There are no Monthly subscription costs that can add up quickly, we offer all our services indefinetely for a one-time payment. 

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